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Fit4-Future is the leading Health and Fitness provider for schools and the community in the UK. We have over 10 years of experience in Fitness, Health and Education industry.

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MOVband is a wrist-worn pedometer/activity monitor designed for kids and adults.

MOVband motivates people to get up and get active. It's an easy to use, exciting way to track movement and activity levels. MOVband pedometer / activity monitor tells the time, tracks your daily steps and records mileage. Buy MOVband!
maths learning dvds
Learn Maths and Get Fit!

Educational DVDs, Active Learning Maths DVDs and Fitness DVDs. Visit our Shop to see our full range of resources for schools and parents. Children’s DVDs covering areas of Maths like Times Tables, Counting, Adding and Subtracting, along with Fitness for Kids of Primary and Secondary Schools.
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School Services
Classes that motivate, get kids active.

Programs designed by Teachers that are educational, create positive behaviour change and teach about healthy living.

Workshops that improve leadership and social skills, teach areas of Maths and target non active students

FFF work closely with all schools to create the perfect Bespoke Program for their children
Bokwa Fitness
Add variety to your healthy lifestyle schedule by introducing Bokwa classes to your weekly programme.

Bokwa is a unique dance fitness program that uses letters and numbers to shape this intense cardiovascular workout that burns a high number of calories and can assist with weight loss and all over body toning.

Don't  just  feel  good
Feel  fantastic  with  FFF!

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